The Tao Of Badass System

The Tao Of Badass, and the free pdf plus video, shows how to get a near 100% success rate picking up attractive women. Want to know how? Then listen up. I’ve got a buddy, Josh Pellicer, who’s skinnier than a string of spaghetti however, this dude picks up tons of women and he finally let the cat out of the bag on how he does it. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to attract girls, how to approach girls, what to say to girls or even how to talk to girls if you are shy, then please continue to read on.

Most women preselect who they want to be picked up by. They already know before you even go talk to them whether they are interested in you just by the way you handle yourself. Even knowing what to say to girls on tinder, will be easy with this easy to follow system. When it comes to their selection process, you want to be like a Goldfish and my buddy shows in this exclusive video how to do just that.


A Goldfish you ask? Yes, a goldfish. You see, all male goldfish look the same. How a female goldfish selects who she’s going to mate with is by seeing who the rest of the female goldfish mate with. Who is that one goldfish that stand out from the rest is who you want to be when it comes to the selection process.

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Women look to see who other women are checking out. They look at how you react when other women approach you. And they also see whether you seem desperate or are cool as ice when you’re around other women.

It’s almost like they let other women make their minds up. They want what other women want and they want to be the only one who has you. If you really want to attract women to you then you must not act like it’s your first rodeo. You need to make her feel like this is an everyday occurrence for you. Like you know you can have anyone you want but the one woman you want is her.

Once she sees that you have choices but you’ve chosen her, she is all yours. You can almost guarantee that she’ll do anything for you. It has nothing to do with looks, money or fame. Most men think this right away which is why they have a hard time picking up women.

You must have a frame of mind where you believe it’s your day. Today is the day that you finally get the girl. If you lose your confidence, she’ll know. Women don’t need a man’s money as most of them are independent nowadays. Most women just want to be a real man and not a boy.

Most good looking guys think just because they have good looks, that they will automatically get the girl. This is not true though as most women know how shallow and insecure most good looking men are.

My friend figured out the Golden Map on how to get women even if you’re not that good looking or have a lot of money to your name. Go check out his other tricks he uses to pick up women almost instantly every time he goes out on the town. This is the Tao fo the badass.